Poinciana blossoms

Photographs taken in Key West in the Spring of 1970, using a camera with film frame size 28mm x 28mm, using Kodak film. Negatives are scanned with all adjustments to color and exposure done in the scan. Resulting images are reduced to 1/4 scale - exact to the pixel - and sharpened. No adjustments to color or exposure after the scan. The longevity of this film, discovered when seeing the scanned positive displayed on the screen, is astonishing.

The photographs take me to the Key West that was before it became Paradise - with rents and house prices becoming elevated to appropriately celestial levels. Then, the Island was about simplicity and informality, about walking around the old town nodding to people talking on their porch, about hearing fragments of conversations being held through an open window facing the neighbor's house. And as evening came on, lights came on in the old houses, the town became more beautiful, and the stars came out to see it for themselves.

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